Next day delivery.   We drive.   We do not use a truck.

How we calculate the cost - estimate

Distance: There is a fixed price between two locations. This fixed price plus Gas and Tolls is the total price. To get an official quote or to inquire about other locations, please Request a quote or call.

Gas:Using an average 2014-2017 car that has a average highway MPG of 26 MPG (all cars MPG can be found here). Divided by 1260 miles equals @49 gallons of gasoline.  If gasoline costs $2.30 per gallon, 49 gallons will cost $113.

Tolls: Tolls range depending on direction and roads taken.  For this estimate, assume tolls are $45.

Total cost: is 'driving cost' + $113 + $45 = total cost

A deposit of approximately 50% will be collected upon contract signing.

The balance will be collected upon delivery.