Next day delivery.   We drive.   We do not use a truck.

Jason Hirsch

Jason started WeDriveI95 in 2006 to raise money for his childrens college tuition.  He does most of the driving himself. During the busy "snowbird" season we employ two additional drivers.  Jason has known both for over 10 years and are in a similar situation with college age children.  Jason is not on social media, so don't expect to look him up - except on LinkedIn

Jason is clean, neat, and polite. He will care for your car as if it was his own.  He does not smoke.

Who we are:

WeDriveI95 was started by Jason Hirsch.  Jason started this company to raise money for his three childrens college tuition.  Since inception, the company has grown each year.  Most of our growth was from repeat business and word-of-mouth advertisements.  Jason does most of the driving.  There are two other drivers during the busy 'snowbird' season.  Each of our three drivers are clean, neat and professional.

Why are we the least cost provider?

The reason WeDriveI95, costs less then our competitors (not that there are many competitors) is because:

   1) we drive the cars ourselves.  We do not sub-contract.

   2) our service has to originate or terminate within 50 miles of NYC.  This includes NJ, CT, and Long Island.


Timing: When you use a trucking service they only leave when they have a full truck.  That can take many days.  In addition, they drop cars at the destination and have drivers bring you the car. This can also add days.  You get your car in 1-2 weeks.  With WeDriveI95, your car will be delivered in a reasonable time.

Insurance:  If you choose another provider, we suggest checking their insurance. Keep in mind that the car owners insurance will cover most claims (we have never had this happen).

Security: We provide you with a tracking app. You will know where your car and driver are at all times.  In addition, you will have the drivers cell phone number.

Hidden Costs: None.  We provide you with a contract.  You will know exactly how much it will cost before we sign a contract.

Costs: Driving fee + gas and tolls.  That's it. (i.e. NYC to Fort Lauderdale- Tolls will be about $45 and gas on a car or small SUV will be around $130)